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Brandon D. Lamar is a rising star in the world of progressive politics. With a long and impressive track record of advocacy, coalition-building, and community engagement,

Brandon is a dedicated community organizer who has spent his life working toward social justice and equity for marginalized communities. Born and raised in a working-class neighborhood in Pasadena, California, Brandon witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by his community, and he was inspired to make a difference.


Brandon became involved with various community Programs such as Pasadena Youth Ambassadors and Pasadena Youth Council at a young age. In his early twenties, he became the Chair of the Youth and College Division and the 3rd Vice President of the Pasadena NAACP. Soon after, he was appointed by the Mayor to the Human Relations Commission where he currently serves as Chair. As the Chair, he has led efforts in making recommendations to the City Council on the prevention of Hate Crimes and encouraging our Council to correct our wrongdoings concerning the history of racial injustices within our city.


Brandon's career path then led him to a series of roles in the nonprofit and advocacy sectors, where he continued to work toward equity and justice for marginalized communities. He served as the Director of Programs for the LAPD Hollywood Police Activities League, where he led programs and advocacy efforts on issues related to poverty, education, mental health, and community engagement. He currently serves as the California Director for a National Non-Profit working to address racial disparities and other social injustices in our juvenile and child welfare systems.


In 2019, Brandon was asked to join the Executive Board of Pasadenas Organizing for Progress, a grassroots organization that advocates and organizes for progressive policies in Pasadena. In this role, Brandon now serves as Chair and has worked to build coalitions between community groups, organizations, and politicians, in order to push for policies that benefit everyone especially communities of color. Under Brandon's leadership, POP! has become a powerful force for change in Pasadena, helping to pass Measure H (Rent Control), organize for a Community Police Oversight Board, partnering with local climate change groups like Pasadena 100 organizing for 100% clean energy by 2030, and pushing for policies such as a living wage, immigrant rights, and affordable housing.


Brandon is focused on educating and engaging young leaders to get involved locally civically and politically by forming the Pasadena Young Democrats.


Throughout his career, Brandon has remained committed to the principle that people power is the key to creating lasting social change. He has worked tirelessly to build bridges between communities, and to empower people to take action on the issues that affect their lives. Whether he is organizing a rally, building a coalition, or speaking truth to power, Brandon's passion and dedication have inspired countless people to join the fight for a more just and equitable society.

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