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Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in helping people.

If my parents needed help around the house, I never hesitated to oblige. If a friend needed support, I tried to be that guy. And, if one of my neighbors needed a helping hand, I was always there for them.

When time came to help my entire community, I knew I needed to step up and figure out the best way to deliver. I had zero interest in getting involved in politics, but I quickly discovered that the people making the decisions had no idea what the average resident in our neighborhoods was going through. To help make change, I realized that I needed to create a bridge between my community and City Hall, so that ALL residents can know that their concerns are being heard. That’s why I’m running for City Council.

When our neighbors thrive, we all thrive. So let’s focus on the issues that’ll bring us closer to making this goal a reality.


Let’s support efforts to prioritize building safe and secure affordable and workforce housing for our residents to prevent displacement and reduce homelessness.

Sadly, my family has felt the impact of unaffordable housing firsthand. My parents – who were lifelong Pasadena residents – were unexpectedly given a 60-day notice to move from their apartment. Pasadena has become so unaffordable, that my parents – who are retired and on fixed incomes -- couldn’t find another place that would fit their budget. After living in Pasadena for over six decades, they moved out of the city, leaving their lifelong neighborhood behind.


Let’s restore trust between law enforcement and the community through engagement, and create violence intervention and prevention programs for youth/young adults.

When I ran for City Council in 2022, District 3 dealt with 50 shootings in that one-year span alone. Sadly, I was first exposed to gun violence in 1993 when one of my cousins – Eddie Edgar – was gunned down during the infamous Halloween Massacre in Pasadena. Senseless violence has continued to plague our community since and, just last year, I lost a 27-year-old cousin to a shooting in our neighborhood. Violence in our community has become a public health crisis and we must work together to put an end to it. Now.


Let’s cut the red tape to prioritize contracts for Pasadena residents and businesses, advocate for a microloan program to help finance small businesses, and partner with tech companies to create opportunity for Pasadena residents.

Over the years, the people I would see around town have all moved elsewhere because of job opportunities and a lower cost of living. We have to make sure that Pasadena is reinvesting money back into our city and its neighborhoods so that people can live and grow older here. Simultaneously, we have to invest in the next generation so that Pasadena can thrive for years to come. We can do so by expanding programs to provide work experience for youth, and by partnering with local non-profits to expand apprenticeship programs to create long lasting employment opportunities.


Let’s rethink our approach to homelessness by expanding mental health and homelessness support services such as H.O.P.E & P.O.R.T teams.

As of the last count, Pasadena has over 500 people who are currently homeless. This number doesn’t include those who are living in their cars or are crashing on someone’s couch. When I used to work with homeless populations, I learned that most people wanted housing – but they didn’t know how to keep it. A family member, for example, has been dealing with homelessness for years. As a Veteran who has been plagued by substance abuse, he hasn’t been exposed to a suitable transitional living program that can help get his life in order. By shifting our focus we can help those who most need our support.


Let’s do our part for the environment by adopting and promoting policies that put conservation and green programs at the forefront of Pasadena life.

City Hall needs to listen to the experts and craft a long-term conservation plan that makes sure future generations can enjoy a green and vibrant Pasadena. We can accomplish this through: promoting and expanding conservation programs; expanding our food recycling program to multi-family units; building more EV charging areas; recycling water usage in the city; and reducing plastic use. Let’s work to make sure Pasadena is at the forefront of conservation efforts.

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